Years of experience have taught me that you already know who you are and what you need. We will work together to bolster and grow that healthy part of you who knows how truly amazing you are.

I approach each treatment plan with care. I listen to what is getting in your way such as distressing symptoms (ex: sleep problems, intrusive thoughts, stress, worry...) so that you can fully embrace your whole self.

EMDR Certified

The EMDR therapy protocol is designed to resolve unhelpful thoughts, somatic sensations (feelings in the body) and emotions related to negative life experiences. This approach is directive and effective. Depending on the history of symptoms, this protocol can be integrated with other therapy models or followed more traditionally. For example, complex trauma can be more integrated with supportive psychotherapy and attachment focused care. Single incident trauma incidents are resolved more quickly following the EMDR protocol. Each client is an individual and the approach can be adjusted accordingly.


Experience using a psychodynamic perspective and client centered approach involves exploring underlying needs and motivations for a greater understanding of yourself now. Together we identify meaningful choices for you in moving forward. This approach is respectful of your life path, reflective and compassionate.

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