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We Help Match You

Important Notice:

**This form is for non-life threatening emergencies. If you are experiencing any suicidal thoughts, plans, ideations please do not use this form. Instead contact the following:

  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) at 1800 273 TALK (8255), or text the Crisis Text Line (text HELLO to 741741).

For more resources on emergency contact services please click here

FAQs- We Help Match You

How long will it take to hear back from this free service?
  • 3-7 business days **We are a small business doing this service for FREE and receive several inquiries per week, please be patient.
 How will I be contacted?
  • We send the mental health professionals that confirm meeting your needs your basic information (first name, last initial, phone number, and email) for them to contact you about their services. We also send you the professionals office information for you to personally reach out to them yourself.
What if I don’t like the recommendations sent to me?
  • Not a problem! We give you the option of sharing with us what you prefer and we will narrow down our search and send me more fitting matches. 

We Help Match You