You are looking for a change. Trying to manage a family, career, and friendships while finding time for yourself as the daily cycle continues leaves you exhausted. So many tasks left undone.

Life feels overwhelming. Thoughts of tomorrow keep you awake at night. You have no more empathy toward others, making you feel irritable and snippy. Your gas tank is empty, and your relationships are struggling. You want to succeed, yet keep desperately searching for balance and a way to rejuvenate. But – you feel lost on where to begin.

If you want to live with more joy and confidence, heal from your past, or gain a deeper connection with everyone in your life – yourself included – you are in the right place. We will work together to finally release the harmful beliefs that have held you back for too long. Learn to treat yourself with the compassion and love you deserve!

We will work together to establish the path right for you. Online, in the office, or in the pasture, we will use any combination of EMDR therapy, somatic work, mindfulness techniques, and equine-assisted psychotherapy to help you reshape your sense of self, reprocess past traumas, and find healing. As we identify your goals, we can develop a treatment plan with the best approaches for you.

Sharing your most intimate parts from your past can be scary. Regarding therapy, there are many paths to start your healing journey. The relationship you build with your provider is essential in allowing you the comfort and safety to begin on your path.

Whether you connect online or in person, your services with me will be rooted in a relaxed, safe, and nonjudgmental space, allowing you to present your authentic self. As your provider, I will also show up with my authentic self; this might mean a t-shirt, cowgirl boots, and a ballcap – some days, dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans.

There is nothing extra fancy here and no expectations for how you present to the session – other than authentically.

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